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At PrescribeDNA, we read your DNA to help you minimize side effects, maximize effectiveness, and THRIVE on your medications...from now until forever!

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Who You Are: 

Unique. Your DNA and lifestyle determine who you are and what your body needs. So why are your medications and nutrition “prescribed” without this important consideration? 

Who We Are:

We are a team of pharmacists working directly with you and your providers to tailor your medication and nutrition to your DNA. We believe it’s time to embrace the future of personalized medicine – and deliver the benefits directly to you!

What We Do: ​

We dig deeper. We find answers. We work with you, for you.

DNA + Medications = PHARMACOGENOMICS (farm-a-co-jen-oh-mix)

DNA + Nutrition = NUTRIGENOMICS (noo-truh-jen-oh-mix)

How We Do This:

  1. Meet with you to understand your history and goals
  2. Collect your DNA with a gentle cheek swab
  3. Analyze your results and incorporate these findings and your medical history into a comprehensive review and treatment recommendations. 
  4. This information is sent directly to your doctor(s) for review.
  5. We are available for you AND your doctors to help implement any recommendations.
  6. We know you down to your DNA. Future medication changes? We are ready to help!

Wondering if YOU can benefit?

Pharmacogenomics Package

Cash, Credit, FSA/HSA, Payment Plans Accepted

If you answered YES to any of the above - we can help! 

Nutrigenomics Package

Cash, Credit, FSA/HSA, Payment Plans Accepted

You have come to the right place!

Making an impactful change is easy!

Step 1: Book

Schedule a FREE DNA Discovery Call to see if we can be of service to you! We have made the process as easy as possible.

Step 2: Test

Meet in-person or virtually with your PrescribeDNA pharmacist to go over your concerns and complete your painless DNA collection. Can’t meet in person? The collection kit is in the mail!

Step 3: Relax

Your pharmacist will let you know when your results are in! We will thoroughly analyze your DNA and let you know the next steps for getting your health on track. 

See What Makes Us Different

PrescribeDNA Way
“Traditional” Approach
Uses guidelines to inform recommendations
Considers your lifestyle and history for healthcare recommendations
Considers your DNA for healthcare recommendations
Tailors medication options to your DNA
Customizes supplements to your DNA
Minimizes “trials” of medication
Available for future questions regarding your DNA
Offers Concierge Program for BIG changes

You can stop looking everywhere and have one trusted place to go

Where we know you down to your DNA!

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We Want You To Thrive!

The technology is available to improve medication safety and effectiveness! Because you deserve the peace of mind knowing your medications won’t worsen things. You deserve to have your care tailored to your DNA. Our experts are available to help guide your journey when choosing medications.

Golden and silver medical capsules with a DNA molecule structure inside
Learn About The Process

Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Everyone can benefit from testing as your DNA doesn’t change and these results are lifelong. Statistically most people will take medication at some point in their lives and the ideal time to get tested is BEFORE starting any medications. Already taking medications? There is a good chance you may be taking one impacted by your genetics. 

Our Promise To You

Mission Statement & Philosophy

To embrace the advances in personalized medicine and deliver the benefits directly to patients and their healthcare team in an understandable and applicable way. We aim to foster a tailored nutrition and medication experience that respects biological and personal individuality. 

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