Your doctor may know about these tests (though not always!) and understand the benefits. They are not commonly used in “traditional” healthcare due to time constraints and a lack of in-depth knowledge on the interpretation and how to best apply the information. This is where your PGx pharmacist can offer an advantage!

You certainly can. The problem is not access to the tests themselves (though ours is more comprehensive than most!), but what to do with all that information. How do you know it’s being correctly interpreted and applied? That’s where we come in!

Not at all! Our tests are saliva collection or a cheek swab; no needles here!

While we would love for you to visit, we are happy to arrange an entirely virtual experience based on your availability and preferences.

We operate by appointment only to ensure all patients receive uninterrupted, VIP attention.

Send a request here to check if we can work with you in your state. If we cannot help directly, we would be happy to help you find a specialist practitioner in your area.

We can use raw data from either test to offer you a complete Nutrigenomics Package (at a reduced rate!). However, we cannot use this information for pharmacogenomic testing to guide medication selection. Take a look at our services to learn more!

We can help you make the most of all that complicated information! We will offer you the same comprehensive care in our Pharmacogenomics Package, minus the $249 lab fee.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance at this time, but we can accept your HSA or FSA funds. We also offer flexible payment plans to ensure we find an arrangement that fits your budget. You may save money on your medication costs by working with your pharmacist at PrescribeDNA!

Great! This is the ideal time to get tested and establish a relationship with your PrescribeDNA pharmacist to PREVENT future medication issues. Don’t wait until the problems arise! Many patients have been made aware of simple changes that may have prevented significant issues if they had the option to complete this journey earlier. Most of them immediately enroll their kids and grandkids after this realization! Our Nutrigenomics Package may reveal a few lifestyle changes specific to your DNA that may postpone (or even prevent!) future health issues and subsequent prescription needs.