Concierge Pharmacist

If you feel lost and need help regaining control of your health…

Our concierge pharmacist program at PrescribeDNA allows you to have 1-on-1 access to your pharmacist during a 30-day intensive experience designed to optimize your pharmaceutical regimen and overall health.

During this 30-day experience, you will receive daily check-ins and the option of your PrescribeDNA pharmacist attending your doctor appointments. You will also receive PGx and NGx testing and a comprehensive discussion of your results and their meaning. We will partner with you and ALL your doctors to streamline your medications, minimize pill burden, and save you money!

Our concierge pharmacist program is ideal for: 

  • Aging parents with multiple providers and medications whose caregivers are looking to optimize both their medications and diet
  • Parents with a child having psychiatric/mental health concerns and seeking medication therapy
  • Those with a new or worsening diagnosis
  • Patients needing a medication reboot
  • Those starting a nutrition journey

This 30-day concierge pharmacist program has limited availability to ensure VIP treatment. Contact us today for a quote and to reserve your space!

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